Start Earning by Using Your Knowledge

If we purpose to assist a wider audience and expand beyond borders, operating alone would not be enough. To gain this, we need your help.

What is the Vision

Let’s collaborate to build a website, for students by students. A place where students help other fellow students. A place where students are teachers.

How To do?

It’s very simple, if you want to add your own lessons to or if you have article made by you on Blogger, then send us the details, related files etc.
email us

Earn With

If your work is selected and published on, you will be enlisted at author page.

You will also get paid for your hard work. Based upon the quality, originality, language etc, the amount of payment might vary. Minimum Amount is ₹12 per article 😀

Attention Please

We need authors for working with us to develop more Content.
Subject That we want: C++, DataStructure, PHP, JavaScript,SQL,Algorithm, Operating System, etc.

Feel free to email us, to collaborate with us for any other subject as well. We are open to ideas.