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Before proceeding further in java, we must understand what is JDK, JRE, and JVM

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JVM stands for java virtual machine.  JVM provides a runtime environment to execute the java program. When you run the java program, java compiler first compiles your program and convert it into bytecode. Then, the JVM translates bytecode into native machine code.

working of java program

JVM, JRE, and JDK are platform dependent because the configuration of each OS is different from each other.

The JVM performs the following main tasks:
  • Loads code
  • Verifies code
  • Executes code
  • Provides runtime environment


JRE stands for the java runtime environment. Basically, JRE is a software package that contains a set of java library and JVM. It is used to developing java applications.  

jre jvm java library


JDK stand for Java Development Kit, it is software development kit

Which is use to developed java application.

JDK contains a private Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and a few other resources such as an interpreter/loader (java), a compiler (javac), an archiver (jar), a documentation generator (Javadoc), etc. JDK is a complete package to develop java software

jdk jvm java library

JDK come with three editions:

  • Standard Edition Java Platform
  • Enterprise Edition Java Platform
  • Micro Edition Java Platform


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