Environment Setup

Before starting with java first, we have to install java in our PC, laptop.

Java available free so you don’t have to pay a single rupee

Carefully follow the following step to install java

Step 1:

Open your browser on your PC. Doesn’t matter whatever browser do you have

Step 2:

Click this link https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html🔗

I will take you oracal.com java download  page

On this page, you find all versions of java.  At the first position you fine java latest version. Currently is Java SE 14
so click on JDK download

Step 3:

after clicking a new page opens

In this page, you find the option of downloading java

Here java is available for all operating systems

For window:

After clicking  a pop-up window appears

First click on the checkbox  then click on Download java

Step 4:

After download run the exe file

Click on next

Step 5:

Choose development  tool  and click next

Step 6:

Java will automatically choose the path. You have to do nothing


If this screen appears it means installation complete. Click on close button

To run java on the command line we have to set the permanent path  of java

Click on this pc then right-click on property’s

After this a  new window open

Click on the advanced setting.

Then a  window open

Click on environment variable option  then again a window  open

Click on new to add the path

 To  variable path open jdk in your pc

Then copy  the address of this path and past in variable value  and click OK

 Now your path is set setup

Now it’s time to check that java is installed or not :

To check

Open the command prompt   and write  javac  and hit enter

If your window is same as following windows

Congratulations  java installed successfully

Now you can start  writing code

Happy coding🎉


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